Name Change & Anniversaries

In conjunction with the Commitment to My Creative Self, I legally adopted Flatchestedmama as my middle name. I now receive mail, as Amy-Ellen Flatchestedmama Trefsger, from my grandparents and the IRS.


Here’s an article celebrating my 10th anniversary:

Below are some examples of how I have celebrated previous years:

7th Anniversary:
I got myself a name plate ring and wore yellow and black for seven days. The traditional and modern gifts for the 7th year didn’t excite me but I kept reading and found that yellow and onyx were the colors for that anniversary. With that information, I decided to wear only yellow and black with grey and white as needed (socks, etc.). Below is the ring and day 4 of 7 day in yellow and black:

6th Anniversary:
Candy and Iron are the 6th anniversary gifts and all my teeth are sweet.