I am about to embark on my 7th PREFABRICATED FEBRUARY, a month-long piece addressing the issue of work attire rotation.

Prefabricated February ©Flatchestedmama 2006-2018

Artworks were created in preparation for a surgery and as an account of my dating life.

EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE: I brought an Emotional Baggage tote on all first dates in 2017. No information was shared about the men or the dates. I asked strangers to help take photos of me on the way to the dates. Below is the years’ culmination of images.
The bag was a great conversation piece and definitely shows my sense of humor. The bag was reserved for first dates only, it went unused the rest of the time. Due to that infrequency of use, I almost left it behind on one of the dates. Imagine that, leaving your emotional baggage behind!

I created a lot of artwork in preparation for a surgery. The whole story has it’s own website with numerous pages. Please visit for more information. The moon wanes for 14 nights so I created 14 of these waning .gifs where I envision myself getting smaller. 


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