I will be one of twenty two participants in this year’s CAMPBIENT: a 44hour sound art residency.

HIRE ME to read the fine print, no font too small! More info here.

Summer 2020 from the Apocalypse Clown series. Photo by Jodi Rockwell. available for purchase on Etsy

I attended Rockland Woods’ 2020 Fall residency with covid protocols observed. Apocalypse Clown was developed during my stay. More images coming soon.

Plague City Demos created a song titled, Apocalypse Clown.

Apocalypse Clown: there’s nothing funny about 2020.

Greeting from a Safe Distance is a mini series created during the early days and initial lockdown period of the pandemic, Spring 2020. View the playlist of episodes here.

Using only what was available on the ‘set’ of the construction zone, a small series of self portraits developed during the renovations of MoM, a new art space in Seattle. They are currently on display inside of MoMoM (the Museum of Museum of Museums). More info at or @momartseattle

My work was featured in Amanda Manitach’s inaugural launch of

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