A small series of self portraits developed during the renovations of MoM, a new art space in Seattle. They are currently on display inside of MoMoM (the Museum of Museum of Museums). More info at or @momartseattle

Video still by SLAYANNE from their new music video for Booty Magick. I’ve started a new website to showcase some friends’ work. Check it out here:

PREFABRICATED FEBRUARY: a month long piece addressing the issue of work attire rotation. Take the guessing out of dressing and prefabricate your February today! Prefabricated February is performed in even years and started in 2006. More information here.


photo by Joshua Ballard

Joshua Ballard recently interviewed me for his new blog series titled, SHIT MY FRIENDS DO. Click on the image above to read it.

WANING POETIC at 12Minutes Max, June 2019
Waning Poetic is a subversive tale of an elective surgery. Post surgery, the artist 3D prints a to-scale replica of what was removed and hijinx ensue. Video by Joseph Lambert.

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