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Swipe Left on Clutter
Amy-Ellen’s first book is OUT NOW!

Quite possibly the only book on decluttering that is NSFW.

The book aims to change your mindset around your stuff, one checky double entendre at a time.

For more info or to work with Amy-Ellen, aka Decluttering Doula, go here.

Book cover with text inside an outline of a cell phone that says: Swipe Left on Clutter Treat dating like decluttering to break up with your stuff.

Apocalypse Clown

A self-portrait series of a pandemic / climate crisis induced character who is thriving to survive.

Conceptualized in the Summer of 2020, then developed at Rockland Woods Residency, this work is ongoing.

Apocalypse Clown wears a mask to protect against wildfire smoke & Covid 19 and fashioned herself an, “inner tutube” to prepare for rising water.

Please say hello when you see her, she can mime you an endangered animal balloon.

Plague City Demos,
members of the
Art&Noise Collective
wrote a song titled,

Apocalypse Clown

Flatchestedmama reads the
fine print.

Allow Flat to find the humorous, hidden highlights in any fine print.


You’ll receive a digital sketch and a brief summary of the findings.

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