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Lighter than Air Moving Co. NOT FOR HIRE ! Many thanks to Mimi Allin and Stewart McCullough. More info soon.

I attended Rockland Woods’ 2020 Fall residency with covid protocols observed. Apocalypse Clown was developed during my stay. More images coming soon.

Plague City Demos created a song titled, Apocalypse Clown.

Summer 2020 from the Apocalypse Clown series. Photo by Jodi Rockwell. available for purchase on Etsy
Apocalypse Clown: there’s nothing funny about 2020.

Using only what was available on the ‘set’ of the construction zone, a small series of self portraits developed during the renovations of MoM, a new art space in Seattle. They are currently on display inside of MoMoM (the Museum of Museum of Museums). More info at or @momartseattle

My work was featured in Amanda Manitach’s inaugural launch of

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