A GOOD REMINDER (sign language)  Comparing body language to ASL. 2008
DIRECT TO CONSUMER Asking my doctor about all of those drugs on TV. 2016
INQUIRIES FOR AN ARTIST  A question and answer booth about performance art. 2009
FAN GURL My homage to Seattle’s love affair with football. 2015
LOVE POEMS TO SAILORS  Flirting with the men of the sea in their own language. 2011 – 2014
OLDSKL TXTN  A letter banner flown over a music festival. 2009
OntheDouble (dutch)  An all girl, adult double dutch performance troupe. 2003 – 2010
SANTA PHOTOS  A collection of Santa photos. Ongoing.
SEGWAY MATING DANCE  When two segways love each other very much…. 2013
WANING POETIC Art is created in preparation for surgery. 2017
WORKS IN SEMAPHORE  Poems and sayings spelled out with semaphore. 2011 – 2013