Works in Semaphore

Photo by Ashley Rosas, 2018
Performed as part of the Siren Arts Festival in Asbury Park, NJ
Semaphore to the Sea: W A S H O V E R M E
This was created on the final day of an artist residency at the Sou’Wester in 2018.

Semaphore is a maritime-based communication system that uses hand held flags to convey information at a distance. I created two different pieces using semaphore. The Say it With Semaphore series is video based while A Good Reminder to Always SIGN Your Work included public performances.

The Say it With Semaphore (2013) series includes sayings such as: Happy BirthdayCongratulations, YOLO, etc. Check out the whole playlist here.  Say it With Semaphore was a natural progression from the original piece that was made possible by 4Culture.

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A Good Reminder to Always SIGN Your Work was performed four times in 2011, made possible by 4Culture & created in tandem with A Good Reminder to Always SIGN Your Work (sign language).

In this piece, I used semaphore to share my poetry with the public. Audience members were provided with a semaphore cheat-sheet, allowing them to decipher the poetry as it was flagged. Poetry, like any other art form, can be abstract and obscure. I deconstructed my own work, intentionally altering the audience’s experience. It became a visual study instead of an auditory affair. What is lost, what is gained and how does the poem hold up in the new format?

The Poems:
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Public Performances:
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Many thanks to:
Shango Los, Ryan Whitney, Max Boschert-Zielsdorf, Cat Dogg, Leland Leichman, Sam Trout,
David Speranza, Jeanine Anderson, Celina Garcia, Smoke Farm, Anne Blackburn, Jennifer Zeyl,
Nepo House, Klara Glasova, Georgetown Carnival, Gabe Stern, Fall City Arts, Jennifer Vierling,
Annelise Ring, Des Moines Parks & Recreation & Senior Services, Rebecca J. Hall,
Charlie Rathbun and 4Culture.

Works in Semaphore were made possible by