Domicile: A Sense of Place


Held at the Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA. June 18th through July 28th, 2004.
A group show curated by Jim O’Donnell, Mike Sweeney, Don Hudgins and Dino Martini.

When invited into this group show, I explained what I was doing in September (Commitment Ceremony) and proposed that I make the gallery my ‘domicile’ for the duration of the show under the concept of living with my creative self before committing to it. CoCA graciously agreed. I brought a bed, desk, clothing and misc. art materials into the gallery. I showered at work, slept all 40 nights in the gallery and ate out or cooked with a hotplate and George Forman grill in the gallery. It felt a lot like camp. When I returned home, my local grocery store had been completely renovated and numerous businesses had changed.

Photos by Andrea J. Gardner