Inquiries for an Artist…

2008, 2009
Inquiries for an Artist Who Doesn’t Draw or Paint:
a question and answer booth about performance art.
The mission of this friendly, carnival-style resource booth (equipped with a live artist, reference books and information on local events) is to answer questions about live art, endurance-performance work and the art/life continuum. What is performance art, where does the inspiration come from and where can you find it in your community? Come talk, the artist is in.
Performed at Bumbershoot (2008) and Artopia (2009).
I curated two additional endurance-performance artists; Mimi Allin and Alex Martin, to sit with me at Bumbershoot. Many thanks to Sam Trout for design assistance and Ryan Crase for building the booth, Bob Redmond, ONE REEL, Alex Martin, A.K. Allin and Gabe Stern.