Santa photos

I am accumulating a small series of Santa photos (ongoing). Public mall Santas are used. I wait in line with everyone else and the Santas are generally receptive. In that way, these images are quick, public performances made in collaboration with Santa and his helpers.

2016 Homage to Yayoi Kusama:
(I brought felt white dots to put on Santa, they are not photoshopped. Yayoi Kusama exhibited at the Seattle Art Museum in the Summer of 2017. This image was created in anticipation of that exhibit.)

2015 Word of the Year (with Marty Krouse):
Santa Photo 2015
(The 2015 Word of the Year was the crying/laughing face emoji. I rolled with that and felt that Santa was his own emoji, though we crowded him out.)

2013 Seahawk Super Fans (with Marty Krouse):
(The Seahawks were going to the Super Bowl that year so I joined in the excitement of my city.)

2012 Father, Son and the Santa Hoax (with Marty Krouse):

2011 All American (created with Marty Krouse):

2010 Wish List (homage to Carolee Schneeman):

(For this pic, I used the Santa at the University Village because they have a private cabin. I went early in November, mid-day and mid-week to avoid crowds. I brought a reference photo to show them the piece I was replicating and we all worked together quickly to capture the image.)

2009 self with Santa, recreating my youth:

2008 Shadows (collaboration with Ryan Crase):

2004 Curler woman with Santa: