Santa photos

I’ve started making Santa photos on a regular basis.
I rely on public Santa’s, waiting in line with everyone else and getting only about three to four shots per sitting. In that way, these images are quick, public performances made in collaboration with Santa and his helpers. I frequent the Santa at Northgate Mall but the 2010 image was made with the Santa at University Village and the 2004 image was created at a holiday expo in Tacoma.

2015 Word of the Year (with Marty Krouse)
2014 The Seahawks made it to the SuperBowl again so I gladly re-used the 2013 image.
2013 Seahawk Super Fans (with Marty Krouse)
2012 Father, Son and the Santa Hoax (with Marty Krouse)
2011 All American (created with Marty Krouse)
2010 Wish List (homage to Carolee Schneeman)
2009 self with Santa, recreating my youth
2008 Shadows (collaboration with Ryan Crase)
2004 Curler woman with Santa

Santa Photo 2015