Waning Poetic

2017 was spent making work preparingĀ for surgery to remove a uterine fibroid. All of the work fits under the umbrella of the title, Waning Poetic. The whole story can be read on the website: waningpoetic.com

Here are some highlights:
I created a waning .gif depicted me getting smaller (in hopes of shrinking the fibroid before surgery, making for easier removal). The moon wanes for 14 nights so I created 14 of these .gifs.

Poems and songs were commissioned/created:

2018 Fiby was created. I commissioned John BlalockĀ to render a to-scale model of the removed uterine fibroid from a very descriptive pathology report. Fiby was worn on the outside of my body where she used to be on the inside, displayed in a clear fanny pack. I wore her around in public for about 5 months, until the one year anniversary of the surgery date.