Destination: Country Village

Quite possibly the best idea I’ve ever had: A self-created, nine day residence at a country-themed shopping village in Bothell, WA. Nine days of living on a stationary boat and not leaving the grounds of Country Village (a concentrated area filled with specialty shops, an antique store, glass blowing studio,wine shop, day spa and restaurants in a stress-free garden setting complete with ducks, rabbits and roosters). A cot, a desk, a typewriter, clothing (nautical attire) and necessary toiletries were the only items brought with me, all other needs were met by Country Village: food, restroom facilities, entertainment, etc. The desire to reside in the boat at Country Village comes from an artistic drive and a strong sense of nostalgia for the silence and serenity of the rural setting that I grew up in. Temporarily residing in, or inhabiting public spaces has been an ongoing theme in my work since the 2004 group show titled, Domicile: a Sense of Place at the Center on Contemporary Art, in that group show I lived in the gallery for 40 days. Baby ducks were born on day seven of this residency, life was good. The Amai Day Spa also cleaned my act up on the seventh day (I was bird bathing it all other days).

This performance was made possible by: Country Village & 4Culture
Many thanks to Adam Weintraub, A.J. Gardner, Andrew G. Davis, Bill Wiselogle, Cat Dogg,, Charlie Rathbun, City of Bothell, Doina Cociuba, Erin Shafkind, GSS staff, LeeAnne Tesoreri, Jennifer and Ellen Bay, Rebecca Loveless, Sam Trout, and Stan Kosick.
Photo’s ¬©Adam L. Weintraub, Erin Shafkind and me….