Dear Mr. Fire-Hydrant,

11/24/04 through 12/6/04
13 Nights with a Fire Hydrant on My Side of the Bed:

Performance and Pillow Talk Poetry by Flatchestedmama and Ellen Meadows (my pen name).

I was given a real fire hydrant as a gift. I decided to put it on my side of the bed and sleep with it for thirteen nights. I had just Committed to My Creative Self so this piece felt like nesting. I wrote the fire hydrant love poems and all poems started with; Dear Mr. Fire-Hydrant, I also crocheted the fire-hydrant a cozy.

Many thanks to Arne Pihl, Sam Trout, A.J. Gardner, Mary Guiden and Ben M. Sarao.
pics by Ben M. Sarao, self and Sam Trout.