Conceptual and time-based works below:
DIRECT TO CONSUMER Asking my doctor about all the drugs on TV. 2016
FAN GURL My homage to Seattle’s love affair with football. 2015
#SEWARDSTARWALKING A month long performance motivating me to get some exercise. 2015
SHARING MY SUBCONSCIOUS 1 year of dreams. 2013 – 2014
LOVE POEMS TO SAILORS  Flirting with the men of the sea in their own language. 2011 – 2014
MONOCHROMATIC MAY  Adopting an entirely grey wardrobe for the month of May.  2007 – 2011
OLDSKL TXTN  A letter banner flown over a music festival. 2009
INQUIRIES FOR AN ARTIST  A question and answer booth about performance art. 2009
A GOOD REMINDER (sign language)  Comparing body language to ASL. 2008
DESTINATION: COUNTRY VILLAGE  A 9 day residency in a country themed shopping village. 2006
JEAN POOL  Denim in a kiddie pool. 2005
DOMICILE: A SENSE OF PLACE  Living in a gallery for 40 days. 2004
DEAR MR. FIRE HYDRANT 13 nights with a fire hydrant in my bed. 2004
CELLPHONE BONANZA  Cell phones are omnipresent. 2003
CEMENT BAKERY  These bakery items have a great shelf life! 2003
CURLERS  Private rituals of beautification worn in public. 2003
100 HOURS IN A LIFE JACKET  My first foray into time-based work.2003
EAN: THE OTHER RAW CANVAS Spools and spools of denim. 2002