On September 18, 2004, I made a Public Declaration of Commitment to My Creative Self.
The event paralleled a wedding to display that my pursuit of happiness includes the continued exploration of ideas. In 2014, I celebrated my 10th Anniversary and was named one of Seattle’s Art Power Couples. Read the articles here:

photo by Ryan Crase, 2007.

The performance, held at the Center on Contemporary Art in Seattle, included Matrons of Art, pronounced vows, a legal name change, a reception, a cake and a honeymoon. The Matrons of Art were women who had heavily influenced and assisted my creative growth to date. The vows outlined creative exploration and growth throughtout the duration of my life (no matter how large or small). The legal name change united my birth name, Amy Ellen Trefsger, with my artist moniker, Flatchestedmama, and has since provided me with a daily reminder of my intention.  The cake and honeymoon were artworks made by yours truly.

It’s easy to fall behind on creativity. Bills need to be paid, there are dry spells, so many good books, the need for exercise and then there’s always matters of the heart that take up one’s time and energy. Providing myself with a boundary of intention keeps me on track. Creativity provides me with a greater sense of self and an opportunity to engage with others. I look forward to new mediums and artistic growth.

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