Segway Mating Dance

On September 7th, 2013, Erin Pike and Flatchestedmama patrolled NEPO 5K Don’t Run on segways, reminding persons in a gentle and stoic manner, not to run. The Segway Patrol pair were rarely seen together until it was time for them to perform the Segway Mating Dance.

Here’s what people said about the Segway Mating Dance:
“Brilliant and indescribable” ~ Amanda Manitach City Arts article
“It was sexy, it was funny, it made me contemplative…. it had it all….” ~ Kathleen Hite, Facebook 
“That was very moving. One of the few scraps of hard evidence I’ve seen which unquestionably affirms we are in the 21st Century….” ~ Alex Kinnan, Facebook

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