Author: Flatchestedmama

House Sitting Self-Portrait Series

This series has roots back to 2019. I rented a studio for 6 months in the now defunct Gasworks Studios. Coming in at exactly one Flatchestedmama wide, it was a very small space. I quickly noticed a free pile in the space that housed the shared restrooms. Realizing I could borrow those materials, create work…
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Thinky Thoughts with Dotty ? Summers (rubber chicken)

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Dotty ? Summers’ doing any thinkin. If you’re new to the Lotti?verse, Dotty ? Summers is Lottie ? Winters’ sister (Super Star, Lifestyle Expert, Pop Megastar, Actress, Performance Artist and Nature Photographer).Love and unicorns, Dotty ?

MoMoM show

Using only items available on the ’set’ of the construction zone, Amy-Ellen Flatchestedmama Trefsger created self portraits during the renovations of MoM. This one, above, is now part of the permanent collection of MoMoM.

Ski Pass

I have titled this, “the granny panties of cover-your*-ass” fine print. In addition to the top line stating that you have waived your right to sue they go on to cover everything from wild animal attacks, collisions with other participants, jumping in snow, negligence of staff in operating anything (bindings to chair lift) to even holding…
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Sephora Sweepstakes

Most fun part of this contract? The arbitration company is JAMS. Ahh, they were good shorts, weren’t they. I loved my JAMS!  John Oliver has a piece on arbitration and he relays arbitration is not good, for the consumer. They usually favor the company, not the individual consumer and it takes away all of your…
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The Fun is in the Fine Print

As someone who has legally changed their name to include their artist moniker, I can tell you that I absofruitly love navigating beurocacry, even though I still don’t know how to spell it. You know what is needed for navigating barecrazy? A whole lotta patience and a willingness to read the fine print. I have…
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A woman in a blue dress looking through her screen door. There is a homemade, crocheted rubber chicken in the door as well.

Greetings from a Safe Distance

Flatchestedmama responds to the initial lockdowns from the global pandemic in the Spring and Summer of 2020 with this short series. Follow the link to view all.