Waning Poetic

Waning Poetic: A subversive tale of an elective surgery. Post surgery, the artist 3D prints a to-scale replica of what was removed and hijinx ensue. Video by Joseph Lambert. Performed at 12Minutes Max June 2nd and 3rd, 2019, at Base Arts and Space in Seattle, WA.

2017 was spent making work preparing for surgery to remove a uterine fibroid. All of the work fits under the umbrella of the title, Waning Poetic. 

Here are some highlights:
I created a waning .gif depicted me getting smaller (in hopes of shrinking the fibroid before surgery, making for easier removal). The moon wanes for 14 nights so I created 14 of these .gifs.

2018 Fiby was created. I commissioned John Blalock to render a to-scale model of the removed uterine fibroid from a very descriptive pathology report. Fiby was worn on the outside of my body where she used to be on the inside, displayed in a clear fanny pack. I wore her around in public for about 5 months, until the one year anniversary of the surgery date.